Giving Back

At Tenneli Shoes, our passion is fashion footwear! But our hearts are with animals that don’t have a voice. Therefore, 1.00 will be donated for each sale we make to help our 2 selected animal sanctuaries, Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA and Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, CA.

Every quarter, we will post on our site how much money we have raised and donated to our two rescues so that you can see how your donation is improving the lives of animals.

If you would like to donate directly to either animal rescue, even $4.00-$5.00 is a huge help! Animals don’t have a voice but you can give them one with any generous donation you can offer. Remember, little victories every day can lead to big changes!

Thank you so much!

Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, CA

Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, CA

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