I n s p i r e d


N e c e s s i t y”

Hi, I’m Tracy, creator, and founder of TENNELI Shoes.

I was on a mission to create a women’s wedge sneaker that embraced height, comfort, and fashion because I was frustrated that I could not find this in the open marketplace.

That’s when I decided to make my own shoe with the style and features that I like and need, realizing that if I did, then other women might feel the same way. So I set out on my journey to develop a sneaker that was not trendy, but timeless. A wedge sneaker that embraced a sporty, yet casual, sophisticated look. One that you could literally count on every day to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Perfecting the look and features of our wedge sneaker took time, with idea changes, design modifications, several prototypes, and a few trials and errors. Truth be told, the first prototype looked like a nursing shoe. But alas! A wedge sneaker was born that I could envision women wearing.

Our Tenneli’s are quality crafted and sport a 3¼’’ wedge which is perfect for women who want to be taller without feeling uncomfortable.

Now you can run your errands, go to a ball game, walk a golf tournament, head to a concert, or whatever is on your agenda and do it in class, comfort, and style.

We want our customers to look their best and experience the confidence and empowerment that our wedge sneaker brings. We can almost promise that you will form an emotional connection to our shoe that will truly make you feel like you can’t live without it! Tenneli Shoe’s is the new kid on the block and we aim to develop a classic and fashionable shoe collection that will have our customers returning every season. We value your trust and loyalty and want you to experience just how fabulous a Tenneli sneaker can make you look and feel.

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